Promoting your business through a traditional marketing tactic, often overlooked in today’s digital marketing world, is an advantage over competitors. No matter what ad you choose, having an effective message will make for a very successful long-term radio campaign and your business will reap the benefits. As a quick tip lets say, choose from the following types;

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Your commercial is voiced live on- air by a radio personality. Most stations’ on-air talent are well known, and lend expertise to the community they're a part of. Having someone’s familiar and popular voice on your ad will help drive engagement – and will stand out from the pre-recorded batch that will also be playing on the station.



The connection between memory and music is strong. One way to make your commercial really stand out is to create a memorable jingle to go along with it. A well-produced jingle or music bed adds professionalism to your brand and is a sure-fire way to gain recognition.



Adding characters to your radio advertising strategy is another way to dramatize your message while making it memorable. Without visuals, listeners are left to craft a picture in their heads of who and what your brand is. So, when you create your character’s story, make it unique! The more relatable your character is, the more listeners want to find out what happens next, which means following along on the radio.



Someone who can give a real account of how your business improves their life is a great way to gain a listener’s attention. It’s real, it’s relatable, it’s believable. Trusting other human beings is hardwired into our brains, so we believe other people more than we believe advertising. Let your product users speak for your product themselves, and do the selling for you through testimony.



If you prefer a more subtle approach to radio ads, sponsorship is the way to go. You can sponsor news, weather reports, traffic updates, or other types of regular programming. This often guarantees your spots air first in the commercial breaks, so you’ll reach more listeners before they have a chance to switch stations or tune out during long breaks.